Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Little Things

An unnoticed tear

A silent sigh

Fallen eyes 

And a broken spirit

'Is everything OK?', he asked her one evening, his eyes glued to his phone.

She smiled and said, 'Yes, never been better'.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Life & Death

And they flirted

Day and night

Since the beginning of time

They were bound 

by the laws of the universe

In eternal love sublime

She kept sending him

myriad gifts 

Some say, 'it was destiny'

He saved them all

in his heart

For the rest of eternity. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Window

I saw you everyday
By at the blue window frame
White lace curtains flapping in the wind
And a mighty maple tree reaching out to you

I saw you everyday
Sometimes whistling a tune
Or brushing your bewitching, long tresses
And other times, watching the world go by
Picture courtesy: Meraki Pictures

I saw you everyday
From when we were kids
To before you moved away 
In a red mini van with your family

I saw you everyday
And it filled my day with purpose
I felt I could conquer the world
I looked forward to another glorious day

I saw you everyday
But not once did you glance at me
A lorn lad, looking for acknowledgment
May be, just may be, she'll look at me today

I passed by your house today
The blue on the window has faded
the wood crumbling
The curtains no longer ruffle

But the mighty maple ...

Still stands
the leaves still change every autumn
And they come back each spring
Just the same.

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Super Blood Moon

Picture credit: Meraki pictures

Engulfed by darkness

Losing its own shine

The red creeping slowly

Onto the moon divine

Oh! What a sight to behold

Awestruck at this heavenly marvel

Slowly moving from gloom to light

Our very own celestial marble.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Victim, Victimized!

Can I un-see
What I already saw?

Can I un-feel
What I already felt?

Can I un-fear
The fear that's already within me now?

Can I feel unashamed
Because it wasn't my fault.

Can I feel loved again
Like I've deserved to be felt always?

Can I feel un-talked about
It's really my private hell

Can I un-cringe anymore
At the very act of all men?

Can I ever feel un-deafeated
Like I felt before?

Can I un-weep
At my brutal past?

Can I un-taint my skin
Free of scars and strife?

Can I un-cage my soul
To let it soar like it used to?

Can I un-shatter
These broken pieces of my life?

Can I un-hear
These judgmental voice around me?

CanI feel un-vulnerable
And trust again?

Can I feel un-destroyed
Go back to being the strong-me?

Can I feel un-guilty
It wasn't my lapse in judgment

Can I feel un-robbed
Of a real relationship?

 But before I answer all these questions ....

Can you un-notice me
I'm not your private property

Can you un-touch me
The gruesome way you did?

Can you undo everything,

Can you be a 'real man'?
Because I wasn't 'asking for it'!

Can you stand up for my cause? 
Because it is not my battle alone now! 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I want to know 'YOU'

I want to know the real 'you'.

I want to know the direction in which you twirl, 
the pretty tendrils of you hair when in deep thought

I want to know why you shy away or purse your lips so, 
When put on the spot

I want to know how your eyes light up
when you playfully banter with me

I want to know how those dimples dance in your cheeks
when you smile gladly, sweet pea! 

I want to know how you wiggle your nose,
when something you hate

I want to know what completes the smile
That your deep blue eyes started to relate

I want to know the click of you heel
When you enter the door

I want to know how you glide by me
With your intoxicating perfume galore

I want to know how you dance
To the beat of your own song so merrily

I want to know how your goosebumps feel
When I touch you tenderly

I want to know what irks you 
and what your heart really desires

Your hopes, dreams and ambitions
Thoughts, reflections and memories!

I want to know the real 'you'.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Thief

She emerged from nothingness

Not a soul knew of her

But she had lofty dreams

And the need to get noticed 

She hobnobbed with the famous

But how long could she shine on borrowed feathers?

She needed her own radiance; her own glamor quotient

So, she clandestinely began to steal what was another's

Nonchalantly, at first

But once people noticed her, she didn't care where the shine came from

In the day she hid for the fear of being found out

She shone the brightest in the nebulous dark

The eyes of the universe upon her

When the cosmic media pointed fingers at her

She would shy away and hide till no one saw her

And then re-emerge when the buzz had died down

She had the big blue orb's blessings

          But to this day, the sun still feels cheated    

                                                   They say he spews fire in anger at her mention                                                
  "Thief!", he shrieks, "you stole my sparkle!"

Picture courtesy